coding style

Kasia makes some good points regarding general coding style practices. Personally I find that I prefer some amalgamation of gnu, linux kernel and java styles. As a rule of thumb when working with existing code I follow the established style. I tend to use camelcasing and if (god forbid) I end up using a global variable (javascript...) it will be named with some sort of hungarian notation. I generally abhore hungarian notation as it looks pretty damned ugly. There are a lot of web pages regarding coding style, and I can fully understand the religeous fervor surrounding the subject. With regards to modern super editor's writing and formatting the code for you, I stay the hell away if possible and use good old vim. I'm not saying code completion is evil, hell it's pretty usefull at times, but if you've ever touched you know it will reformat EVERYTHING for you (lets hope you like it too..).