switching to hugo

I’ve finally switched the content generation system that backs this blog over to hugo. I had been using webby until it stopped working due to changes in ruby and it’s dependencies.

The conversion was a bit involved as hugo’s date parsing is a bit strict and the urls it generates include a trailing slash. A judicious application of sed resolved most of the issues. Webby provided a bit more out of the box as it included deployment and asset management, but Hugo is:

  1. Maintained
  2. Fast
  3. Written in go which is my current favorite language

Hopefully being able to publish will entice me to resume writing regularly.

ejabberd cluster odbc sql_pool error fix

I’ve been experimenting with ejabberd as an xmpp server and so far it’s been great with one glaring caveat. When I attempted to cluster multiple nodes using odbc authentication I encountered an error on the non-master nodes along these lines:

    E(<0.38.0>:ejabberd_rdbms:67) : Start of supervisor 'ejabberd_odbc_sup_jabber.taco' failed: 

A quick google returned no major help. It seems that the normal cluster setup procedure does not create/copy a required table, the sql_pool table. To fix this you need to start the erlang repl and run: mnesia:add_table_copy(sql_pool, node(), ram_copies). After that’s complete, odbc should start and the node should be fully functional. Good luck, ymmv.

Helpful clustering links:

It’s worth noting that nuking the database directory seems to be equivalent to mnesia:delete_schema([node()]).

why git talk

I recently spoke at the Fairfield/Westchester Dot Net User Group about git. The slides from my talk entitled “Why Git?” have been posted on slideshare.

Why Git from Mark Guzman

problems hfs formatting a large 1tb+ drive

I recently was lucky enough to receive a nice new 1tb external drive. I like to format my drives hfs plus when I know only macs will be using them. Unfortunately when using DiskUtility to format the drive I ran into an unspecified error. When I tried to format it using the command line tools I got the following:

newfs_hfs: /dev/rdisk1s1: partition size not a multiple of 4K.

Apparently you need to make sure that the partition map uses the newer guid formatting (it’s available as an option in DiskUtility). Once I re-partitioned the drive (I had to switch partition types 1 -> 2 -> 1) everything worked fine.