osx software suggestions

A while back (2003) I borrowed an iBook from a friend who was looking to sell it. Since then I’ve used Mac laptops for my personal development (and commercial where possible). With every major rev of the OS the common tools I use changes slightly. A few friends of mine have recently bought Apple laptops and have asked about what they should try out. Those questions have inspired this list. So without any more preface here is my list of must have apps and tools for Leopard:

Most of my development is done using Vim in a terminal. Although I’ve recently been using TextMate a good bit. I tend to use macports for everything, ruby and python development included. Primarily because I’ve found it easy to maintain and upgrade using the macports installed versions. It’s worth noting that the macport for ruby is currently unstable in my opinion, due to their upgrading to ruby 1.8.7.

There you have it, please add your own amendments in the comments.